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This site is created to share information on different types of renewable energy options that are vital for the environment to stay healthy.

Also known as Sustainable Natural Gas (SNG) or biomethane, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) has been upgraded to match the quality, which is similar to the fossil fuels containing a 90 percent methane concentration. When the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide part of the biogas are converted to methane gas, the renewable potential of renewable gas is doubled.

Biogas is a gaseous state of methane, which is extracted from the biomass. By upgrading the renewable source of energy to the quality of natural gas, it becomes possible to send this gas to customers using the existing network of pipelines. This means it works as a suitable means for supplying renewable gas energy and renewable heat without the need for any extra capital.

RNG - Renewable Natural Gas Energy

The renewable energy can also be converted into liquefied gas to be used in the vehicles for transportation. The LNG (liquefied natural gas) is equivalent to diesel or gasoline, and replacing it with petrol or diesel can result in a good deal.

The renewable gas energy can also be easily distributed to different parts of the world as the existing gas network can be used to distribute energy over long distances at a low cost.